WP3 – Ice trajectory simulation and test


The aim of the WP3 is to improve and assess capabilities to predict ice block aerodynamic characteristics and associated trajectories. In order to achieve this goal a team of different partners are working together in different fields:
Experimental tests will be carry out  to characterize forces and moments on typical ice blocks in order support numerical analysis modelling . An experimental database of steady aerodynamic characteristics (drag, lift, moment) will be done. Thanks to these experimental tests an improvement on ice block software modelling  will take place, both in low fidelity ( like Monte-Carlo method) and high fidelity ( advanced CFD ). Then more experimental tests will be performed to track the trajectories of different ice slabs in a wind tunnel test. This will create an experimental database to assess the capability of the different numerical methods.
So an improvement of the knowledge of ice block trajectory is expected both experimental ( with two reference experimental databases) and numerical ( implement of new models and methodology in industrial icing environment).

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