WP5 – Innovative passive Ice Protection System (IPS)


The aim of WP5 is to screen and identify the potential application of coatings as a passive ice protection means. The benchmark of commercially available passive IPS technologies as well as the most promising candidates from former funded projects along with the down-selection of the coatings to be investigated in STORM forms Task 5.1. The chosen coating technologies will then be developed for the specific requirements within the project. This also includes the manufacturing of demonstrators for erosion tests and icing tests and characterization of degradation mechanism and sustainability (Task 5.2). Finally, as the main activity in WP5, the test articles will be assessed for their performance in regards to icing behavior, resistance against erosion (rain, sand) and degradation. Particular attention will be set to the assessment of the durability of the icephobic effect (Task 5.3).

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