WP6 – Innovative active Ice Protection System (IPS)


The aim of WP6 is to test one or two breaking through active ice protection technology(ies) under icing conditions.

In order to achieve this goal, a team composed of engine manufacturers, nacelle manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers and academics will identify several promising active IPS and will agree on the most important criteria to evaluate these technologies.

Afterwards, the most promising technology(ies) will be implemented under three different mock-up (two mock-up representative of engine component and one nacelle mock-up). This step will be challenging as it implies to perform analyses in order to evaluate correctly the technology characteristics (power requested, dimensions…) but also to face production issues in order to integrate properly the technology to the component.

Note that benefit of these mock-ups will be taken to implement also passive IPS (whose evaluation is performed in STORM’s WP5).

Finally, test campaigns will be performed in icing wind tunnels in order to have a relevant evaluation of the icing protection performance of the selected technology(ies) under conditions representative of engine and nacelle environments.

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