WP8 – Dissemination and exploitation


The WP8 aims at:

  • Establishing and maintaining the dissemination plan
  • Producing the public website to widely disseminate project, achievements and results
  • Operating 2 public events to publicly share with stakeholders projects results
  • Refining individual exploitation plans
  • Managing STORM IPRs

The Work Package is divided into three main tasks:

1. Production and maintenance of the dissemination plan and the public website

In order to communicate efficiently with the project partners and the scientific and business community outside the consortium, STORM Consortium will set-up the dissemination plan, structure and monitor the dissemination strategy (including materials) to be followed during the project.
The main tool to be used to disseminate the STORM results is this public website. Any dissemination event will be published on the website together with the materials

2. Organisation of the public workshops

The STORM project will organise two public workshops combined with the second and the final contractual review.

3. IPR monitoring and management and exploitation plans

An Exploitation Plan will be produced with the cooperation of all partners to move the STORM technology to higher TRLs. This will encompass the planning and implementation of exploitation with partners, demonstrating the benefits of the research, documenting the ownership of results, and publishing results.
An IPR Team will also manage and monitor the Intellectual Property Rights within the STORM project.


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